Seven children from the Westport Elementary school placed in a statewide competition in the Destination Imagination program!

The "Peculiar Peeps" placed in a statewide competition on Sunday within the Destination Imagination program and now have the opportunity to go to Tennessee for Nationals! The competitions in the Destination Imagination program are STEM based or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The STEM field is rising in careers and these children have gotten a fantastic head start for their futures! The students each year work from October to March on their chosen project and aren't allowed any guidance from outside sources. The Westport Education Foundation Elementary Level Team and The Peculiar Peeps, participated in the Project Outreach competition. The seven students created a skit with the theme Ready, Willing, and Fable. The student's created a skit outlining how to give back their community while creating their own fable.

Colleen Potter
Colleen Potter

Westport Elementary has expressed so much excitement for their winning team "The Peculiar Peeps".The Peculiar Peeps (Avery Avila, Alia Davis, Shannon Denis, Lily Duclos ,Emma Hathaway, Gryffin MacDonald and Brooke Potter), decided that their way of giving back would be to collect coloring books and crayons to donate to children in hospitals through the local Southcoast Hospitals Group.The team has expressed concern for the loneliness, depression, and fear that can come with being sick in the hospital. The school as a whole has already collected over 100 coloring books and packs of crayons for their cause. These children have already made an astonishing accomplishment by being the first ever Westport team to ever be invited to the National Competition! Great job, ladies!

Globals which will be held in Knoxville, Tennessee from May 24-May 27, 2017.  The team is in the process of raising $750 per person to fund their trip.

Additional Reporting By Taylor Sullivan

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