I've always pondered the idea of traveling back in time to relive my younger years again, and honestly, I don't think I would.

My younger years were subpar, just OK, and it wasn't until the very end of my senior year at Westport Hight School that I ended up enjoying it. Between the bullying and the cliques, my high school experience wasn't the greatest, but I sure did make the best out of it in 2005.

Westport High School Video Yearbook
Westport High School Video Yearbook

Of course, it was right before my graduation that I became noticed by the "cool kids," who I still keep in touch with today. A series of fortunate events took place that gave rise to my popularity:

  • The boys varsity basketball team that I made (barely) made it to the state championship game against Ipswich (we lost by 10 points).
  • I was one of two people in the entire town who could dunk. It pays to be six-foot-four.
  • I was crowned Mr. Westport 2005, and it's safe to say that I was an underdog.
  • On the Senior Night trip to Disney World, I was invited to hang with the "cool kids" and although I had a great time, I also realized that my real friends were worth more than gold.
  • To seal the sweet deal, it was around the time I got my driver's license, too.

Just a few examples of my "glow-up" from a young Gazelle to where I am now. Basically, try and envision a tall, lanky, skinny kid with zero muscle mass; that was me in a nutshell.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media

Recently, I was searching on YouTube for anything that may have been uploaded from my earlier years and came across my old video yearbook that is pretty much like watching a video shot with the first iPhone. I appear here and there throughout the almost two-hour long production and I can tell you firsthand that it is very cringeworthy to watch, but oh so nostalgic at the same time.

Oh, to be young and dumb again. Or at least young, that would be a dream.

I am, however, curious if anyone else out there has a video yearbook or if it's even a thing anymore? Clearly not for 2020 or 2021 with COVID-19 making a mess out of everything, but before the pandemic, were other schools still producing these classic memories?

I'd love to see for myself, so feel free to shoot me an email with a link of sorts at Gazelle@Fun107.com.

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