If you’re looking to join in on Halloween fun, but you have little ones that scare easily, the Westport Historical Society has a solution.

Take the entire family to the Handy House Halloween trail for some free, fall-inspired fun.

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Halloween Fun for the Family in Westport

This is one of those activities where you can bring your child of any age without worrying about ghouls and goblins.

“This is outstanding,” said Harrison Ingham of Dark New England and fellow Halloween lover. “Great for families and people of all ages who just simply love the Halloween feeling.”

Soak in the crisp, fall air and embark on a playful, Halloween adventure, free of charge.

What to Expect

The Handy House Halloween trail is fit for all ages and officially open for the spooky season. For the entire month of October, families can explore the trail from dawn to dusk, with fun surprises around every turn.

A Halloween tale sets the scene at the beginning of the trail.

“The Wicked Witch of Westport has placed a frightening spell on Dr. Handy’s ravens,” said the Historical Society. “They have flown from the attic and are in danger. You must find the ravens and break the witch’s spell.”

Then, the search begins for the magical ravens as you attempt to break the evil spell that has been set on the trail.

Where to Find the Halloween Trail

The entrance for the trail can be found off the Handy House visitor parking lot at 202 Hix Bridge Road.

This trail is sure to offer some fun, family fun.

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