Summer is here, and that means you may be thinking about taking that once-in-a-lifetime summer vacation. But maybe your tax return wasn't as big as it was in years past, or something else came up and you had to spend your vacation fund on an unexpected repair.

But don't resign yourself to just sitting in the backyard all summer! Did you know that Westport Federal Credit Union offers vacation loans?

That's right, you can have that dream vacation with a travel loan from Westport Federal Credit Union. Or maybe you need some wheels to get you around this summer, or want to spend your vacation time making some small home updates. Their Whateva loans are perfect for all of those things, and so much more.

Loans require just a minimum $5 savings account, which you can now open online at

So stop into Westport Federal Credit Union today, and get one step closer to your time in the sun.

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