These are different times right now, which has a lot of businesses looking for ways to get your attention. Wendy's is pulling a marketing stunt this Friday that has nugget fans really excited.

My slogan is if it's free it's for me! I called around all the local Wendy's to make sure they were all participating and had an extra supply of nuggets. Wareham locations are ready to go. Dartmouth's State Road location is ready. I did have a hard time confirming the Fairhaven Wendy's location's participation but I have a feeling they will be slinging nuggets out their drive-thru window this Friday just like the others.

As you can see, you can grab your four free spicy and crispy nuggets with no strings attached. I have a feeling this is going to be a hit. Some locations are also offering delivery through food delivery apps.

I guess the most important decision you will have to make is what kind of sauce are you dipping your nuggets in?

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