Secret Santa can be hit or miss, but the gift I unwrapped this year was just plain weird.

Have you ever heard of Clamdy Canes?

clamdy canes
TSM/Nancy Hall

Yeah, I hadn't either until I unwrapped them at my family's secret Santa exchange.

Every year we do a bad gift secret Santa exchange. We bring terrible gifts we were given somewhere else (or honestly at this point weird things we find while out and about shopping) and get together to see what we found over the past year.

There have been cat nativity scenes, velvet Elvis framed artwork, a creepy clown ceramic plate and countless other weird items passed around my family for years.

But this year something I never knew even existed was waiting for me to unwrap.

The gift I opened was something that just makes you wonder why it was even made in the first place. Like who actually wants to buy and consume these? And what is wrong with their taste buds?

Because I opened up clamdy canes. Clam-flavored candy canes.

Yes, they are real. And they are not spectacular.

Of course, we had to try them. How could we open them, pass them around and not open one to at least take a lick?

So after the gift exchange was done, the clamdy canes were opened and everyone took a taste.

And yes, they did in fact taste like clams.

But they were weird in that you only tasted the clam while the cane was in your mouth. Luckily there was no lingering clam flavor to totally gross you out.

And we had plenty of Christmas cookies to get the clam taste out of our mouths after the taste test.

So do I win weirdest Christmas gift ever?

Get anything stranger than that under your tree?

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