I got some pretty strange Facebook messages over the weekend.

While I was at Pope Park in Acushnet over the weekend, my phone lit up with some messages from a listener.  Take a look at the string of messages below.


Michael Rock Facebook

Finally, the link worked and it brought me to a Facebook "looking" page asking for my username and password. So, not thinking I STUPIDLY entered it!

I immediately regretted the decision and changed my password right away.

But then things got weird again. The messenger began to repeat their messages and started off again with "omg Michael you need to see this."

There's only one answer to this weird Facebook message: someone was hacked.

My mystery messenger definitely had her Facebook hacked over the weekend which is why they was sending out these weird messages- and I probably wasn't the only one to receive them!

Sure enough, when I checked out the person's Facebook, they posted a status that they had indeed, been hacked.

I guess the moral of the story is to keep an eye out for weird messages like this, you never know what you're clicking on!