Trying to stop a wedding ceremony? You can "speak now or forever hold your peace" or...just days before the can dump a huge pile of chicken manure yards away.

This Rhode Island bride probably never dreamed that she'd be presented with this problem the week of her wedding.  According to NBC News, Gerald Zarrella, the owner of the site of her outdoor wedding, claims his neighbor dumped a massive pile of chicken manure right near their property line.  The stink has been strong enough to "leave a burn in your nose"...and it could ruin the wedding this weekend.

Zarrella says some neighbors haven’t been happy with his intention to develop his farm into a wedding venue over the last few years. He believes the incident is a form of retaliation.

NBC 4 wrote, "Rhode Island state and environmental police came to investigate the situation Friday evening. Although the neighbor did not commit a criminal act, officials say he did commit a civil violation. However, officials can’t force him to remove the manure before nearly 200 guests come to the wedding scheduled for Saturday."


Additional Reporting by Sara Achorn

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