Why wasn't this a thing back when I was planning my wedding? I would have loved this.

I came across an article on Bustle.com that showcases edible cotton candy bouquets for brides and their bridesmaids as the next best thing in 2019 wedding bouquet plans. I was instantly intrigued and wondered why now and not back when I got married? I've seen many new wedding trends over the years since when I was planning my wedding but nothing like this.

cotton candy bouquet

Cotton candy isn't the only edible bouquet over the past few years. I've seen pictures while scrolling on Instagram of brides walking down the aisle with fruit bouquets, chocolate pops on sticks bouquets, and have read about chicken nugget bouquets, too. That's a bit too much for me, but it seems like there is an edible bouquet for any bride's cravings these days.

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PSA: brides of 2019 are ditching the flower bouquets for a stick of candy floss! 😮💐 What do you think?

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My question to you is, would you go for the cotton candy bouquet or any of the others I mentioned, or would you stick with tradition and go with your favorite flowers?

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