As the remnants of what was once Hurricane Florence began to batter the SouthCoast, all I wanted to do was bring the region an idea of just how strong of a storm we were dealing with here.

After seeing some of the hurricane coverage over the weekend, I thought this was how it's done. Go outside, brace yourself against the wind, dodge the rain and offer up some fair and accurate reporting of the storm.

I don't know why everyone is so mad at me and yelling "fake news" while I walk down the hallway here at Fun 107.

Hey folks, Tim here. I'm the Digital Managing Editor for Fun 107, and I just wanted to add in some additional information. Apparently, Gazelle was "inspired" by some of the videos he's seen of news reporters acting like the storm is worse than it is, or acting like the flooding is worse than in reality. I'd like to say that we here at Fun 107 are terribly disappointed in Gazelle's tactics, and promise you that we do not endorse them in any way. Even if that guy holding on to his feet looks exactly like me. That's just a coincidence. 

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