As someone who drives a fairly large vehicle, I'm ashamed to say that this pothole actually scares me. But it does. 

If you haven't been to Target in the past couple months, you might have been lucky enough to miss the gigantic crater that has formed in the lane leading from Route 6 towards the Target parking lot. I drive a big Jeep Wrangler with 4-lift and 35-inch tires so I drove over the pothole thinking it was no big deal. It was a big deal. I honestly thought my suspension was going to break right then and there. I should have said a 'Hail Mary' or something beforehand.

My car is literally made for climbing rocks and stuff and this pothole almost did me in. I saw others posting on Facebook about how the front of their cars got swallowed by the Target pothole...How they thought they blew out all their tires...How the hole is almost deep enough to see the core of the Earth.

I know people complain about potholes all the time and there are tons out there that are more pressing of a concern than this one. But now it's getting bigger, so it's getting harder to avoid hitting it without also hitting or driving on the curb. We just needed to talk about it because it's equal parts terrible and funny. We still love you Target, don't worry.

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