The bitter New England winter is about to rear it's unforgiving face. As I complain about what it will cost to heat my home this winter, I'm sent an invitation to like a Facebook page for an initiative to fill back packs for the city's homeless. And so I stop and think of just how fortunate I am that I have a home to heat.

We Got Your Back Pack is the movement started by Nick Francis and Wendy Catalano.  They were moved to start the homeless good drive after watching the video below.  I admire their dedication to this project.

So what types of items can you donate to make a difference? Here's a wish list from the organization's coordinators:

• Empty backpacks, new or slightly used
• Socks
• Gloves, hats, scarves
• T-shirts and long underwear
• Polarfleece jacket
• Rain Poncho
• Toothbrush and toothpaste
• Mouthwash/mints
• Chapstick
• Deodorant
• Wet-wipes travel pack
• Travel-size toiletries and soap
• Nail clippers
• Band-aids and antibacterial cream
• Razor
• Comb
• Hand sanitizer
• Hand cream
• Ziploc bags
• Reading glasses
• Reusable water bottle
• Small jars of peanut butter
• Saltines
• Tuna or chicken salad
• Breakfast or granola bars
• Applesauce or fruit cups
• Plastic spoons
• Juice boxes
• Bottled Water
• Microfiber towel
• Toilet paper roll
• Kleenex travel packs
• Pen and notebook
• Carabiners, to attach other items to the backpack
• Small flashlights and replacement batteries
• GIFT CARDS: Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts, and CVS are great.

Get involved! Start by liking them on Facebook and if you'll be at this year's New Bedford Oktoberfest, there will be a box to collect any of the items needed from the list above. More drop off  locations will be announced soon.