There is a saying that goes, "All good things must come to an end." Or do they? We thought this wine spot that closed recently wouldn't reopen, but there seems to be some evidence that points to its revival.

Our sources are saying that the owner of the Travessia Winery, formerly located on Purchase Street in downtown New Bedford, is looking to reopen at 200 Union Street with a slightly different business model called Travessia Wine and Tapas Bar.

I feel like these few buildings have been just sitting there vacant. It'll be interesting to see what they do to the place to liven it up. As you can see from the Google map, that section of Union Street is not very inviting at the moment.

I like to think I'm working my way to being a wine snob so I'm super excited about a spot like this opening in downtown New Bedford. It's not quite a vineyard but it's not quite your typical bar and tapas place, either (at least, it doesn't sound like it). If I could make a suggestion, can we please get some jazz performers into this spot?

I'm even more excited to hear that they are hoping to get this place open by the summer. That is, of course, if they can get through the red tape of opening a business.

Who is down to do some Wine Down Wednesdays with me? Maybe I'll have my weekly She Shed meetings there? Look at me, already planning.

Will you visit this wine and tapas bar if/when it opens?

Can you invite me, too?

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