NEW BEDFORD (WBSM) — Three adults have been taken into custody after New Bedford Police responded to a disturbance in the city's North End.

On April 22 at around 6:30 p.m., New Bedford officers responded to 189 Deane Street in the rear yard in response to a group disturbance.

Police said one person in the group was wearing a ski mask, which led police to investigate further after three individuals within the group began walking away from the scene.

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A male, later identified as Jason Anthony Johnson-Rivera, 18, was seen allegedly handing a gun to another male, later identified as David Luna, 22.

According to police, Luna allegedly placed the gun in his waistband, which he later dropped while attempting to flee the scene. Officers discovered that it was a 9mm handgun loaded with 19 rounds of ammunition within a high-capacity magazine.

Luna and Johnson-Rivera were arrested and taken into custody. Both men were charged with carrying a firearm loaded with a high-capacity feeding device without a license.

Alanha Martinez, 21, was also taken into custody for being uncooperative with police at the scene. She was arrested for intimidation of a witness, possessing an open container of alcohol and resisting arrest.

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