Summer is officially here on the SouthCoast, and that means the next few months are bound to be full of a lot of sunscreen, sunburns, sand in every place imaginable, and of course, water.

It's hard to imagine something better than taking a refreshing dip in the pool or feeling the lap of saltwater waves against your skin when it's hot and humid outside. But as more folks start heading to the water for some summer fun, it's never been more important to brush up on standard tips for water safety.

There are certainly a lot of factors that come into play when hitting the beach or even that pool out back, but the Massachusetts State Police Dive Team recently shared its eight most important tips to keep both kids and adults safe around water and help avoid dangerous situations. Even if you know how to swim, water safety is important because it can teach you what factors escalate dangerous situations and what tools you can utilize in the case of an emergency.

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So go ahead! Gather up the entire family in the living room, and while it may sound a little weird and super-formal, have that important, serious conversation about water safety before even getting in the car to head to the beach. Safety over everything else!

Keep scrolling for water safety tips from the MSP Dive Team, and share with your friends and family this summer season so we can help keep the SouthCoast safe!

Eight Water Safety Tips to Keep You Afloat This Summer

Beach and pool days have arrived on the SouthCoast, and it's always important to know how to keep yourself, and your family, safe while spending time around water. This summer, keep these water safety tips in mind, courtesy of the Massachusetts State Police Dive Team.

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