Mac Jones may have just solidified his place in Patriots fans' hearts with his first shoutout in an episode of Family Guy.

In the show that aired this past Sunday night, Jones' name comes up in the background while Lois and Peter are having a conversation in bed. Peter is watching the Patriots play and seems to be interacting with what Lois is saying, even though he is actually just responding to the TV.

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The play-callers for the game Peter is engrossed in talk about Jones making a fumble and then falling on the ball, so the 23-year-old quarterback may not be as excited about his Family Guy debut as show fans were.

Peter definitely feels the way most of us felt last season when he comments "It just really sucks when you're playing from behind."

That's something Patriots fans got a little too used to during the 2021-2022 season.

Though the rest of the episode had nothing to do with the Patriots, it was nice for the team and the QB to get the shoutout even in the off-season. Maybe Seth MacFarlane timed things with the NFL draft, knowing football fans would be getting excited about the upcoming season and the team's new prospects.

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