Sleeping or joking? That is the question about the driver in this video shot by a fellow commuter on Sunday afternoon.

A Massachusetts man had to capture video after seeing the passenger and driver of the car next to him apparently asleep at the wheel...literally.

Now Dakota Randall definitely thought the guy driving this car as asleep, but other people thought he may have just been kidding.

The car being driven is a Tesla and it does in fact have an autopilot mode. But was this guy using it to take nap in the car while traveling on the Mass Pike?

I think he was just trying to mess with the other drivers on the road. If you ask me, the passenger looks like she is trying really hard not to smile as they go by the guy with a camera.

I think they knew what they were doing and were just kidding.

Don't get me wrong, it is a horrible joke and a thousand things could have gone wrong while messing with people like this. But I do think it was just an idiotic idea of a joke.

Luckily there were no accidents caused by this guy or the other drivers who I'm sure were distracted by looking at him.

Whoever he was I'd think the police would to try and track him down to find out what the story was.

That has to be against the law right?

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