I went on a daddy-daughter date last night with my 14-year-old. We started talking about technology. She was surprised to hear that iPhones weren't even invented until years after she was born.

It's hard to believe, but it really wasn't that long ago when people were walking around WITHOUT their noses buried into devices. Having a phone as an extension of your body is still a relatively new phenomenon, but it's hard to remember a world without it.

I showed my daughter a picture of Fun 107's free concert with Jason Derulo. It happened 10 years ago this month at the Dartmouth Mall. If you look at the picture closely, almost no one is holding up a phone. They are either watching the performance or taking quick photos with an actual camera. The few that were using their phones were doing so out of desperation. Those photos and videos were SUPER grainy. The quality was horrendous.

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Townsquare Media

As much convenience, connection and good that iPhones have brought to the world, we asked this question: "Were we better off without iPhones?" If you could, would you turn back time to before they were invented?

It's a pretty interesting thought. As much as I live on my phone, I think I would do it. I do think life was better before everyone had a phone in their hands at all times. It's ironic, but I feel like our quality of life was better. We were a little less connected to work, school and other responsibilities that always seem to weigh upon us.

We'd experience those magical moments of life, and they'd live in our memories because we were engaged with the now, as opposed to reaching for our phones to video the moment or take a selfie for posterity.

One caller narrowed down the problem to social media, and that might be more accurate. The social media boom went hand-in-hand with the iPhone. Maybe iPhones are OK, but the world could use a little less social media?

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