We're less than a week away from finally seeing what happened after the snap.

So here's the deal people: don't spoil the movie. For the next week, I don't want to hear your theories. I don't want to hear what you read. I don't want to hear about the leaks you've heard. Let's all just keep quiet and patiently wait. Don't ruin the experience for your fellow Marvel fans. We're all in this together.

When you see the movie, say nothing. Do not post a word on social media. If you saw it and you loved it, say nothing. If you saw it and you hated it, say nothing. If you saw it and felt indifferent, say nothing. You'd be so mad if right before you were about to see the movie someone told you the ending. You never know who may stumble upon your spoiler status, so just don't post one.

When you're in the theater seeing the movie, shut up. Don't talk, don't be on your phone, don't do any of the things that they tell you not to do before the movie. Be mindful of your drink, because we're not messing with bathroom breaks here. I don't care if the movie is three hours. I don't want to miss something because your giant shadow needs to walk by.

Most importantly if you haven't seen the movies leading up to Endgame, and you have questions, don't ask. It's your own fault you weren't prepared. Don't make someone else suffer for your mistakes.


That is all.

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