Many Wareham families are going to be forced to get their "pizza night" meals at a different shop beginning next week. John Logakis tells Fun 107 that Sunday night Santoro's Pizza and Subs will be closing for the indefinite future.

Unfortunately, Santoro's isn't closing for a staff or family vacation. They will be shutting down this Sunday, April 11, so that the family-owned business can tend to John's father, Kostas, who was diagnosed with cancer on January 3.

"My father has one of the worst types of cancers you can get," Logakis said. The cancer has already begun to immobilize his dad and is only going to become more debilitating. "Before it gets any worse, as his son, I just have to spend time with him."

How long will Santoro's be shut down?  No one really knows for sure at this point.

"I'm going to push to close down for a month," Logakis said. "I keep telling myself I need a month with him at least, then I'd open the shop back up and take it from there, see how things go."

Logakis can say for certain, however, that Santoro's will be back.

"It is not permanently going to shut down. No way," he said. "For the past 14 years, we've been building this business to become what it is, no, I'm not going to allow it to fall apart. I can't. No way. I'm going to push my father's legacy and I'm going to keep pushing and make it my own. We will be back."

The community has rallied around Santoro's before. Now it will surely rally around the Logakis family.

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