When your pet escapes from your own back yard, it can be one of the scariest moments, but thankfully two Wareham Police Officers acted quickly enough to reunite a puppy with its family after a high-speed foot chase through the neighborhood.

Kerista Wandell was enjoying her Sunday afternoon with her children, testing out some new Christmas gifts in the yard, when her one-year-old pit bull puppy Hades saw an opportunity.

“My four-year-old decided to throw the gate open, and he darted,” Wandell said. “As soon as he darted out, I jumped in my car as quickly as I could and chased him down the street."

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Hades stopped before the main road, at which point a Wareham police officer saw what was going on.

Hades showed no signs of stopping as he high-tailed it up the hill. In a panic, Wandell left her car in the middle of the street and tried to lure Hades back to safety.

It was a chaotic scene off Wareham Avenue.

“There were two police officers, regular Samaritans just trying to drive by…there was a bunch of chaos going on,” Wandell said.

When Hades continued to run out of sight, one police officer hopped out of his vehicle and took off running after the pit bull. Even passersby began stopping and offering help.

“I started running back towards my car, and when I opened the door and looked out the front windshield, I saw my dog coming in hot, with the cop coming up behind him,” Wandell said.

The officer managed to safely get Hades inside the patrol car, and was able to give the pup an eventful ride home.

Wandell never got the names of the officers that helped her, but she was so grateful to have them put in so much effort for her new dog.

“They didn’t have to stop and help. They didn’t even ask any questions, they just jumped out and helped,” Wandell said. “You don’t see that very often.”

This dog certainly had a day, but thankfully, it had a happy ending as Hades was returned home safely.

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