Wareham Department of Natural Resources found what they believe to be an abandoned pit bull. 

Wareham's Animal Control Officer was called this morning when reports came in of an 'aggressive' pit bull. The dog was found near a rest area off of 195 around 9 a.m. this morning and was able to be coaxed into a patrol vehicle without incident. The ACO used treats to gain the dog's trust and took him to a shelter in Lakeville.

Officials believe the male pit bull was dumped sometime overnight and was scared and loose when they found him this morning. There are no reports of a missing dog in the area, which leads them to believe he was abandoned. He has no microchip, tags, or collar.

The Department of Natural Resources Facebook page is asking for anyone with information about the dog or his owners to contact them immediately. Currently, he is not up for adoption as officials look for his owners.

Anyone with information encouraged to contact Wareham Animal Control Division of Natural Resources by calling 508-291-3100 ext. 3180.


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