Why did the chicken cross the road? We may never know, but it looks like the Wareham Department of Natural Resources was asking themselves that very question over the weekend when they discovered two whole packaged chickens near the Tihonet Road overpass.

Someone got home on Saturday and realized that their groceries took a tumble on the way back from Shaw's. A WDNR Officer came across an unusual sight on patrol of Tihonet Village when they spotted two perfectly packaged chickens on the side of the road. Maybe it was a slow day for the department or maybe their funny bone was working overtime, but the officer was so amused that they decided to park their truck, push the chickens to the side of the road, and snap a photo (because photos or it didn’t happen).

As if that wasn’t a funny enough sight, the department continued its fun on Facebook, saying, “We tried getting an answer to the age-old question…However, because it is so cold out they got frozen.”

They followed it up by saying, “We tried making a frozen chicken joke, even though it was bad, it was pretty well thawed out.”

The officer was kind enough to leave the chickens near the guardrail near the Tihonet Road overpass in case the buyer comes back looking. “Get em’ before the coyotes do!” said the WDNR.

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I don’t know if I would have stopped for the mystery meat, but I am so glad this officer found humor in their odd experience and shared the joke with the rest of us.

So, what comes first? The buyer of the chicken or the coyote? My money is on the coyote.

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