The Wareham Elementary PTA has created new and improved field trips for the students in grades kindergarten through fourth grade.

Thanks to the planning of the PTA the Wareham Elementary Schools will be providing new opportunities for field trips that previsouly were not there.

As budget cuts needed to happen, often times school field trips are among the first things to go. However, this can have a negative impact on the kids.

But when the children are introduced to their community in positive ways, they are able to see life outside of their school and home which is often where these children are limited to.

In doing this they can meet other adults and become familiarized with their surroundings and eventually active members of the community.

Also, not only are these field trips beneficial educationally, but with trips to places like the fire department, the kids are allowed the chance to meet safety personnel in a nonthreatening environment and are able to come to trust them without fear of circumstance.

As the children get older, the field trips will become more specified to the class as decided upon by the teacher so as to further benefit their education.

These changes are hopeful for bringing positive reinforcement to education and show kids lives outside of their own and within their communities.

With additional reporting by Madelyn Pellegrino