The newest member of the Wareham Animal Control is getting a lot of buzz. He’s pretty good at his job, but it’s probably his cute face that is garnering all the attention.

Meet Officer Yeti, the albino ferret who is a proud honorary member of Wareham Animal Control.

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Before he was Officer Yeti, he was simply the beloved pet of Devin Cloutier, the Animal Control Officer of Wareham.

“I’ve had him for about three years now and he goes wherever I go,” she said. “I used to work at Mattapoisett Animal Hospital and that’s basically where he grew up, acting as a moral support animal during COVID.”

Truthfully, he was a moral support animal for both the animals and the staff.

Yeti goes wherever Cloutier goes, and one day, Cloutier decides to order him an official vest.

“I showed my boss the vest, and he immediately stuck that (Wareham Natural Resources Law Enforcement) badge on,” she said. “It’s the cutest thing.”

Devin Cloutier
Devin Cloutier

Don’t let that face fool you. Now that he is an honorary member of the department, Officer Yeti takes his job very seriously.

“He’s definitely been putting his foot down, especially with licensing, but he’s really loving the community engagement that he gets to do,” said Cloutier.

Officer Yeti spends his days in the passenger seat of Cloutier’s vehicle, looking out of his special backpack and assisting in patrols and calls around town.

Devin Cloutier
Devin Cloutier

He’s certainly the most sociable ferret on the SouthCoast, and he offers a cute distraction during an otherwise stressful animal control call.

Next time you see Officer Cloutier on a call, keep an eye out for Wareham's newest (and cutest) officer.

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