Are you waiting on some packages in Wareham? You may be waiting a little longer.

It was a stressful day for one Wareham Amazon driver when his entire truck went up in flames. Luckily, the driver made it out safely, but some people may not be getting their Christmas packages on time this year.

On Thursday, the Wareham Fire Department responded to a call on Timber Lane about a full-sized delivery van engulfed in flames. They arrived on the scene to find a bright display of color – but not the Christmas kind.

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“An Amazon truck caught on fire outside of a resident’s home,” said Captain Courtney DeBlois. “The resident’s vehicle was also affected by the flames.”

Firefighters managed to distinguish the fire and salvage a few packages, but the truck and most of its belongings inside were toast.

One Facebook user who saw the event take place said “(the driver) still had 60 more packages left in the van from (Amazon Prime).”

From the looks of the photos taken by the Wareham Fire Department, this was no small fire. Flames had damaged the entire exterior, the wheels appeared melted, and the side door appeared to be bent off its hinges.

It turns out a mechanical issue in the engine compartment caused the fire, which quickly consumed the entire van and everything in it, creating quite the scare on Timber Lane.

The important thing is that everyone involved was okay, but unfortunately for some, the hope of getting presents on time just went up in flames.

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