Bryanne Tucy is a pretty positive person. She opened Gone Country Creamery with an open heart, ready to share her positivity with the community one ice cream cone or pie at a time. Rarely letting things get her down, she still goes through what any local business owner thinks about when first opening up shop.

“You start to wonder if you’re doing a good job,” Tucy said. “You work so hard to make everything nice for people and you just want to know that you’re doing the right thing.”

Tucy experienced a small blessing with a big impact on Monday, October 18. Right when she needed it the most.

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“A 17-year-old named Patrick Peters walked into the store and put $20 in the tip jar,” Tucy said. “I was so shocked to see such a large amount that I asked him if he was sure. He said something that I didn’t even realize I needed to hear until that moment. He said, ‘I see you.”

Tucy mentioned that the young man works two jobs and understood her work ethic, appreciating everything she does to make it this far in this business. She is still learning to accept positive reinforcement from others but is grateful for this act of kindness.

“To have someone so young walk in and recognize you and your efforts like that is just super touching,” Tucy said. “It was a sign that I’m doing a good job when I needed it the most. My son is my inspiration and adults forget sometimes that kids are watching. For someone so young to be the one to encourage me this way is special. It’s the cherry on top if you will.”

The bill is now hanging on Tucy’s wall.

“I will never spend that $20,” Tucy said. “It’s worth more than that to me now.”

Tucy said that she loves what she does on Main Street in Wareham and is excited to see new life coming to the area.

We reached out to Patrick's mom to ask about her generous son and Heidi Gustafson had a proud mama moment.

Photo contributed by Heidi Gustafson
Photo contributed by Heidi Gustafson

"That’s my boy!" Gustafson said. "He makes positive marks everywhere he goes. Thank you so much. He’s so humble about this type of stuff and never told me."

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