Summer is nearly here, and it's certainly starting to feel like it across the SouthCoast. A brewery in Rhode Island is helping its home state bars and restaurants kick off the new season and get back to business as usual in a pretty awesome (and boozy) way.

Whalers Brewing Company, based out of Wakefield, announced on Tuesday that it will offer a free keg of its flagship ale, Rise, to every single bar and restaurant that wants one in Rhode Island.

"Bars and restaurants in our home state put us on the map, and with 2020 behind us, we figured what better way to say thank you and do our part than free beer," the company posted on its Facebook page.

Whalers wrote that all bar and restaurants need to do to cash in on their free keg is ask their Horizon Beverage sales rep. Joanne Liu, a spokesperson with Whalers, said the company is anticipating giving away around 800 kegs, worth a total of about $225 thousand, going right back into local communities across the state. Talk about stimulating the economy!

Whalers Brewing Company was founded in 2011 by Josh Dunlap and Wes Staschke. The brewery produces a variety of flagship and seasonal offerings, including its American Pale Ale, Rise, which the company describes as having "a bright citrus aroma," "a pleasantly smooth body," and "a subtle hop spice that lingers in the background." Read more about Whalers and the company's products on its website.

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