Maybe I'm too young to remember any Ozzy songs but what I do remember is the reality show he had with his family, The Osbournes. What an epic show. Little did we realize they would be a normal family of today.

My parents were fans and can attest to how amazing Ozzy was in his hey-day. They were shocked when I told them Ozzy dropped a verse on a new song and actually sounds pretty amazing.

Yes, many of my generation and younger had no idea who Ozzy was and thought that Post Malone was introducing him to the world. The memes that circulated social media were funny. Ozzy is a living legend, though, and we've got to give it to him.

If you missed me playing the Post Malone song with Ozzy and Travis Scott, "Take What You Want," take a listen now:

I can't get over how good Ozzy sounds on this. I only remember him on his reality show, barely standing up and forming a sentence. Way to go, Post Malone, for pulling Ozzy into relevance again. You can't deny the end of this with the guitar riffs that kill it.

Well, you clearly know I love the song but really it's time for you to tell us if you think the song is wicked good or totally whack. Get your vote on and maybe you will get to hear Ozzy on Fun 107 – an artist name I never thought I would say on Fun 107, ever!

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