Alguém sabe o que estou dizendo?

The Southcoast's history has been intertwined with the Portuguese culture since the whaling days. Now you can't go anywhere in this area without being exposed to some aspect of the Portuguese lifestyle.

New Bedford itself has a Portuguese population well over 30%, and the Southcoast has been noticed as a bilingual community for some time now. But that doesn't mean that everyone in this area is fluent in both English and Portuguese and that's why it's time to acknowledge the Portuguese Translator in your life.

Using our own office experience as an example, our resident Portuguese Translator, Kasey, helps us correctly pronounce Sunrise Bakery's pastries and St. John's Restaurants holiday catering specials- without them, the commercials you hear on-air would be horrendous.

They come to the rescue for countless phone calls and walk-ins and keep the the general, Portuguese-speaking public from getting frustrated our our complete lack of understanding.

When you go into work this week, think about picking up some malasadas and saying Obrigado to your office MVPP.

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