Some heroes don't wear capes, some just make it easier for us to eat delicious seafood

If you have ever traveled on Route 6 in Marion on a summer weekend night, chances are you've passed Turk's Seafood. Sometimes you travel Eastbound and get to laugh at everyone on the other side of the road, while other times you are the grumpy driver stuck in the traffic Westbound. With as many drivers on the road as there are, you begin to realize there's a method to all the madness. Once you get closer to the delicious seafood restaurant it all begins to make sense. Our Southcoast Hero, the police officer outside of Turk's, is on the scene.

Ever since Turk's added their raw sushi bar, this hardworking officer has spent their weekend sitting outside of the successful restaurant directing the Southcoast's hungriest drivers. From sundown to closing time you can see our hero directing the flow of traffic so well that it makes you want to swing by Turk's just to say thank you. The police officer does not need to be on the scene, but without them our commute would be unbearable.

And to think throughout the years of these officers stationed outside of Turk's Seafood not once have we seen them with a plate full of sushi. Next summer, when you see our heroes in blue make sure you thank them, or bring them a stuffed quahog and some clam chowder.

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