Without this hero, it would be hard for the Southcoast to stay afloat

The New Bedford-Fairhaven Bridge has been the antagonist of many morning commutes for the people of the Southcoast. If you've ever wanted to see someone's blood boil, find them in the bridge traffic when they have to meet a deadline. Some of our most vulgar and least proud moments have been associated with the bridge. Although we seem to highlight the negativity around the bridge, without our Unsung Hero pulling the strings up there things could be well worse. Our Unsung Hero, the Bridge Operator, is one of our area's most valuable jobs.

The Bridge Operator is one of the most punctual workers in the Southcoast. Making sure that the bridge closes promptly so that us commuters can plan accordingly. Remember, 6am-10am the bridge opens at the top of the hour. From 11am-6pm the bridge opens 15 minutes past the hour.

Not to mention the Bridge Operator is the gatekeeper to our location's most lucrative export: fishing. Getting boats in and out of our harbor timely and efficiently is something we all take for granted. So next time you're stuck at the bridge, remember there's a mastermind scheduling the openings. Once it opens back up for traffic give a honk to our friends on the bridge, just make sure it's a friendly honk.

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