Nothing like an unexpected hailstorm in broad daylight to shake up the weather.

On Tuesday, June 6th, around 5:00 PM the skies above New Bedford began to darken. It quickly went from a gorgeous sunny day in the 70s to a cold grey mess in a matter of minutes. Fast forward 15 minutes later and what started as fat raindrops quickly escalated into hail the size of ice cubes.

Did I mention that it's June?

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I find it kind of strange and ironic that earlier this morning, Michael Rock was talking about the year New Bedford got hit with a major snowstorm. The year was 1816 and the city woke up to 6 inches of accumulated snow on the ground. They called it the "year without a summer".

Imagine that, it hasn't shown any signs of frozen precipitation in over 200 years and the weather decides to kill the streak. Now here's the kicker.

Moments before the 7-minute hailstorm berated my street, I was locked out of my house and was waiting for my fiancée to show up to let me back in. The sky opened up as she was pulling into her parking spot and the second we walked through the doors, the hail started falling, fast and hard.

Thankfully, nothing was broken or damaged in my yard beside my lettuce and spinach patch, but I'm sure someone's windshield took a beating. It just goes to show that the weather and Mother Nature are as unpredictable as it comes.

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