Well, the votes are in, and according to a nasty travel.alot.com article, neither New Bedford nor Fall River are the ugliest cities in Massachusetts. Phew!

The travel website took the time to name the ugliest city in each state in America, though it's not apparent how it arrived at its decisions.

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Here in Massachusetts, the ugliest city wasn't Lawrence, Lowell or Worcester. Instead, the travel website points its finger to our neighbors to the north for this dubious distinction. Ladies and gentlemen, according to travel.alot.com, the ugliest city in Massachusetts is located right off Route 24.

Welcome to Brockton.

The website points out that while Brockton is known as "The City of Champions" (a reference to Rocky Marciano and "Marvelous" Marvin Hagler), "the only architecturally interesting part of Brockton, Massachusetts, is city hall."

It goes on: "The rest of the buildings are organized like a budget version of Paris with all of the straight-edged roads, squished townhouses and a famous library." 

I would say that is factually incorrect. 

I've been to jury duty at the Brockton Superior Courthouse. While it's not a building you'd see in Paris, it's not terrible, either. The same goes for its district court counterpart.

The website also has an obscure reference to a world record that was apparently set back in 2010 for the most people in Santa hats, but that seems like a sketchy claim. This article reeks of someone who has never stepped foot into Brockton throwing all kinds of shade at a city that is not deserving of the grief.

If we're going to be completely honest, though, Brockton would lose out in a head-to-head battle with either Fall River or New Bedford.

Here are just of some of the reasons:

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