Two people are facing drug charges following their arrest in a Wareham motel room Tuesday afternoon.

Police Chief Kevin Walsh says that at around 12:30 p.m. a search warrant for illegal drugs was executed at Room # 5 at the Rosewood Motel on Cranberry Highway.

The search warrant was obtained following an investigation into the use and sale of cocaine and heroin from the motel room.

Walsh says that upon entering the room detectives found Wareham residents 21-year-old Kaitlyn Pritchard and 49-year-old Steven Miranda, who was in the process of packaging and bagging suspected heroin.

During a search of the room detectives found 19 corner cut plastic bags of heroin packaged for sale, along with a chunk of the same suspected substance, drug paraphernalia, including 3 digital scales, a ledger documenting sales, baking soda, cut sandwich bags, and $1,072 in cash.

A large screen tv and a number of power tools were also seized and Walsh said it's believed they being traded for drugs from the room.

Both individuals were arrested at the scene with Miranda being charged with Trafficking Heroin Over 18 Grams and Pritchard was charged with Knowingly Being Present Where Heroin is Kept.

Both suspects were scheduled to be arraigned on Wednesday at Wareham District Court and an investigation remains ongoing into possible stolen property.

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