So, I don't know what I ever said or did to Mother Nature, but she's got a hit out on me for sure.

Obviously the recent storms have been pretty wild. I'm not the only one that's lost power or seen a tree come down, but I'm starting to think I'm a target. I'm not sure if the trees have gone rogue and decided to act on their own or if Mother Nature is pulling the strings. Either way, giant pine trees are definitely on the attack and I have proof!


First came the Nor'easter that was all rain and stuff. I was out but wasn't using my car. When I got home the top half of one of the pine trees next to my house came down on my car. It wasn't too bad, definitely did a little damage but hey, it's a storm.



Little did I know this was just the first attack. Soon as we all know we were hit with another Nor'easter. This time Mother Nature brought some snow too to hopefully finish the job. Another giant pine tree came down, but this time it was the WHOLE tree. It landed right where my car was again somehow. Too bad for Mother Nature my car was taken to fix the bumper just hours prior.



Now she's getting tricky. This time she didn't commit to knocking the tree down fully. She knows her first two attempts were failures, so she's trying to adjust the game plan. Now she's got one tree just holding and waiting for further direction on when and how to get me. Just look, the leaning tower of pine tree.


Yea... see what I'm saying. There's definitely a hit out on me, an evil plot of some sort. If I go missing at some point... we know who to blame.



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