A frozen turkey spill brought California highway traffic to a stand still yesterday morning. 25,000 pounds of turkey littered the roadway after an early morning accident and it could be something lots of California families are thankful for.

Reports say a tractor trailer carrying the thousands of frozen boxed turkeys overturned on the highway in Northern California after the driver took an off-ramp too fast around 2:30 a.m. and flipped the truck's trailer on its side.

Though the truck also spilled 40 gallons of diesel fuel and backed up traffic for hours, the driver did manage to escape with minor injuries. And local food banks will be benefiting from the crash.

As California Highway Patrol Officer Kevin Bartlett told CBS affiliate KPIX, a health inspector determined the turkeys are still safe to eat so the thousands of pounds of frozen turkey are going to be donated to local food banks just in time for Thanksgiving.

Nice to see families in need will get to benefit from this accident!