There's a new mobile app that will allow you to track your child's trick-or-treating this year.

If your child has gotten to that age where they want to go out trick-or-treating without you, this may be an app you want on your phone.

The Track-and-Treat app is one that allows parents to see where there kids are on Halloween night...and it's totally free!

Yes, no longer do you have to worry about your tween on Halloween night out hitting up houses for candy with friends instead of you. The Track-or-Treat app will be with them all night.

Here's how it works...

You download the app to both your phone and your child's phone. And if your child doesn't have a cell phone you can give them yours while they trick-or-treat and use the app to see them on your home computer.

No fancy software or hardware to install, you simply open the app, enter your phone number or email to track them and then all night you can check in and see where your child is.

And the beauty of the app is it's just for Halloween. No battle about stalking your kid, no fight about being watched 24/'s meant for one night and one night only.

So if you want some piece of mind as your child goes out trick-or-treating without you, the Track-or-Treat app is available for free on iPhone and Android.