Lately it seems like Hollywood comes to the SouthCoast all the time.

Battleship Cove in Fall River was the backdrop for scenes in the Oscar-nominated "Don't Look Up," Paul Giamatti's latest film was just shooting at Fairhaven High School, not to mention "FinestKind" with big-name stars coming soon to New Bedford and Fairhaven.

But aside from all the filming in the area, Southern New England gets a lot of star sightings. People of all walks of life love to come to local beaches and islands and apparently the antiquing around here is travel-worthy as well.

Of course, the local restaurants usually become the place these big stars are seen. I mean, everyone's got to eat and when you're traveling, eating out is typically the way to go. With the nation's largest fishing port right in our own backyard, who wouldn't want to come here for the freshest seafood one can get without catching it themselves?

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But whatever it is that brings them around, SouthCoast residents love to see them out and about. Random celebrity sightings are some of the most talked-about moments across the entire area, even years after they happened.

Who doesn't still talk about the time Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel attended a wedding at Fairhaven's Seaport Inn? Who hasn't heard about that time Martha Stewart ate at Antonio's in New Bedford?

Clearly, celebrity sightings make an impression when they happen on the SouthCoast. So we've taken the walk down memory lane for you and put together the top 10 celebrity sightings ever on the SouthCoast.

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Top 10 Celebrity Sightings Across the SouthCoast

There have been an awful lot of movies filmed on the SouthCoast in recent years, bringing lots of big-name actors with them. Whether they came for filming or swung through to sit at the beaches, we have had our fair share of star sightings in the area. Here are our top 10 celebrity sightings ... so far.

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