As a native to Westport, born and raised, I've finally narrowed down (with careful thinking) the Top 5 Restaurants in town!

Below is the countdown of the local restaurants that stand above the rest:


  • Courtesy of Ten Cousins via Facebook

    Ten Cousins Brick Oven

    977 Main Rd

    Their unique dishes and ingredients mixed with the rustic taste of a brick oven makes Ten Cousins both delicious and original with robust flavor! Check them out today, they offer MORE than just pizza!

  • Courtesy of The Back Eddy via Facebook

    The Back Eddy

    1 Bridge Road

    The seafood doesn't get any fresher than it does at The Back Eddy. Famous for their bountiful brunches and annual Polar Plunge, the Back Eddy located at the point of Westport sits peacefully on the west branch of the Westport River and is a hot spot destination during the warmer seasons.

  • Courtesy of The Galley Grille Restaurant via Facebook

    The Galley Grille Restaurant

    66 State Rd #1

    Known for their large portion and fine dining and cuisine, The Galley Grille Restaurant, located comfortable within Whites of Westport specializes in Scrumptious seafood dishes and American comfort.

  • Courtesy of Bittersweet Farm via Facebook

    Bittersweet Farms

    438 Main Rd

    From fresh seafood dishes to hearty cut prime-rib sandwiches and fillet minion wrapped in bacon, it's the closest restaurant for miles with a 5-star menu. The establishment itself gives off a backwoods country vibe filled with the sounds of acoustic entertainment and delicious food.

  • TSM/Gazelle

    Portas Da Cidade

    231 State Rd #A

    The "Little Portugal" of Westport.... Portas Da Cidade is the king of Portuguese Cuisine. From Kabobs to Mozambique, no restaurant for miles compares to their Portuguese Steak! HIGHLY Recommended! The service is pristine and the food is cooked and prepared to your liking.