Am I too late to do the Twitter thing?

I think I started a Twitter account back in 2013 but never did one thing with it. I never tweeted, didn't upload a photo or anything. In the past, I really only used the platform for fast news I may have needed for work here and there but that's really it.

On the show this morning, we were joking that maybe some of us here at Fun 107 feel like we are too late to play the Twitter game. We joked that we don't even know the lingo. Is it called, the Twitter or just Twitter? Do we say, "I'm going to hop on the Twitter and see what's going on in the world?" Or does that sound ridiculous?

Now, I find myself poking around Twitter here and there, following people I like, people I think are funny or gals and guys I have things in common with. I am kind of liking it lately. Just today, a co-worker "re-tweeted" something of mine. This makes me smile.

So now I think I might just jump in there and see what happens. I am thinking I will mostly just share random thoughts of mine and also some of the things that go on here at work and on the show. It will be a combo of the SouthCoast working mom thing along with just being a woman trying to live her best life over here.

Follow me on Twitter @ChristineFox107, if you want to. Bear with me please, it could be silly at times.🙃

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