The epilogue to Tom Brady's groundbreaking Facebook reality show will finally be released tomorrow.

When Jimmy Fallon portrayed a Boston man torn between his two loves--the Red Sox and his love interest played by Drew Barrymore--the makers of Fever Pitch were forced to reshoot the original ending because the Red Sox decided to finally break the curse that had been in place since 1918. Fallon and Barrymore could be seen in real life (and in the movie) rushing onto the field to celebrate with the players after Keith Foulke underhanded the ball to Doug Mientkiewicz.

Tom vs. Time, however, lives on Facebook instead of the big screen. It was based on a different sport, with a different set of characters, and features a completely different ending. Celebratory kisses from Giselle and the Brady kids turned into supportive hugs.

Then came the fallout from the Super Bowl loss: the questions about Malcolm Butler and why Bill Belichick refused to play the former Super Bowl hero, the questions about Gronk and his surprising post-game comments about retirement. But the question on every New Englander's mind was, "What about Brady?" Would the GOAT come back for another season? Sports Illustrated is reporting that it was NOT a given, by any means."

On a cold February day in his Brookline mansion, the quarterback with the most Super Bowl rings in the history of the game openly pondered having the conviction necessary to continue his football career. Then, he gave a little shrug. --Jenny Vrentas, SI

Tomorrow at noon, we'll see how Brady dealt with the Super Bowl loss and the process by which he decided to commit to another season in the NFL.

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