A popular New England-based children’s entertainment band got the spotlight on Boston Public Radio this week when Vinny Lovegrove of Toe Jam Puppet Band went toe to toe with radio host, Jim Braude.

Braude wants to ban February vacation, and Lovegrove had a few things to say about it.

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If you live in New England and have children, chances are you have seen Toe Jam Puppet Band, “the fun family band for New England kids.” From interactive music and costumes to bubbles and activities, Toe Jam Puppet Band is a staple for children in New England.

As a band that caters to children, school vacations are like gold, and on Tuesday, Lovegrove offered a problem and solution to Braude.

“Jim, why are you trying to put me out of business?” asked Vinny. “I have fifteen different shows at fifteen different libraries this week.”

When Braude realized what the Toe Jam Puppet Band was all about, Lovegrove offered a solution to the haters of February vacation.

“Just drop your kids off at a library,” said Lovegrove.

“Well, you can’t just leave the kid at the library,” joked Braude. “Someone has to take care of the kid.”

Braude wasn’t understanding the level of celebrity status that Lovegrove and Toe Jam Puppet Band hold with the child population, so Elizabeth from Westborough called in to back them up.

“I’m a huge fan of the Toe Jam Puppet Band,” she said. “When my kids were little, like fifteen years ago, (they) loved them, so everybody that can see one of their shows, go.”

By the end of the call, Braude and his co-host couldn’t seem to nail down the name “Toe Jam Puppet Band”, but the true fans know who the real stars are of school vacation week, summertime, and more.

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