The folks at Tobey Hospital are looking for the Mom (or kids!) from this photo to give them a special gift.

Facebook | Triad OB-GYN
Facebook | Triad OB-GYN

If this woman looks familiar to you, reach out to Tobey Hospital! In a Facebook post from 2/27, Tobey says they are searching for her to give her this poster of her and her kids:

This photo hung in the postpartum area of Tobey hospital for years and has finally been retired. We are hoping to find the Mom so that we might present her with this beautiful portrait. If anyone recognizes her please contact the office or message Dr B!

I sifted through the comments on their post, and it seems like lots of people think they know her, but can't place her. Also in the comments, the Tobey Hospital says the photo was taken in 1983 - meaning the kids in the picture were probably born between 1980 and 1982.

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