My entire life I've been surrounded by turkeys and I'm not talking about the lunatics on the road. I grew up on the Westport-Tiverton line and these gobbling birds are just about everywhere.

Not for nothing, but are there any pros to turkeys, besides being delicious around Thanksgiving? Think about it, all they do is strut around, take up the road, making annoying gobbling sounds and leave their droppings everywhere. Oh, have I mentioned the smell?

In Tiverton, a wandering Tom (male turkey) came face to face with a Volkswagen GTI in which confusion ensued, leading to an angry and aggressive turkey:

"I could hear the noise from bed and was wondering what the heck it was," Sarah Rodrigues said.

Her husband, Brad, was quick with the camera and caught this delinquent up to some "fowl play" with his vehicle. Luckily, no damage was done to the car and the turkey was then seen attacking another van just down the road.

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It's obvious that its reflection caught this turkey's attention and it put its guard up out of jealousy, but this is a real problem, if you ask me. One of these days, this turkey is going to scratch the wrong car. Let's just hope it's not hunting season when it does.

Rodrigues said that the turkeys in her yard are normally skittish, but this one was peacocking around as fearless as they come.

Moral of the story: turkeys are jerks.

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