When treasure hunters find gold, they usually jump for joy, but this Tiverton hunter decided that his golden find needed to find its original owner.

Ken Baker has been treasure hunting with his metal detector for the past two years. He goes all over the coast, scanning the beaches for anything of value. He tends to find a lot of old coins, the oldest one being a Spanish coin from 1784.

But this time around, while Ken was scanning Fog Land Beach, he came across something a little more valuable. His detector sounded, and after a little digging, he found a golden ring. It appeared to be a man’s wedding ring. He took it home, but instead of the story ending there, he posted it to Facebook in hopes of finding the rightful owner.

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“I would want it back if I lost something like that and would hope someone would do the same,” Baker said.

Posting a picture of the ring, he wrote, “If you can tell me what the engraving says, I will be happy to meet up and return the ring.”

This wasn’t just an everyday, knock-a-round ring. Baker knew there was value and meaning behind this one.

What if someone threw it down in anger and hoped to lose it? Or what if someone has been searching for it for years and years? Either way, Baker hopes to find out and I wanted to help him get the word out.

You can’t fool us, though; you must know the engraving on the inside, or the ring stays with Baker.

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