If you've ever wanted to camp on a budget, I just might have the perfect getaway for you and yes, it involves a tent.

Get ready to surround yourself with Mother Nature in this relaxing Airbnb tent in Tiverton, Rhode Island. Set up on a hill, nestled within a Christmas tree farm is a quaint little campground that will take you off the grid so you can focus on recharging your internal battery.

A camping company called Tentrr has over 1,000 campsites scattered across the country where they scout out the perfect camping spots and they set up a tent and prepare the campground for your arrival.

It's quite genius if you think about it: who actually enjoys setting up the tent? Tentrr takes care of that and more for you so you can just book, arrive and relax. Keep in mind that "off the grid" means no electricity, no WiFi, no plumbing, no Netflix – just you and nature.

This particular campsite goes for $238 per night, but comes with seven acres of hiking trails to explore. The best part is that you only have to walk one whole minute to get to the parking lot where you'll leave your car. This way if you forgot something, it's only around the corner.

Your tent is 10 feet by 12 feet and comes with a single queen or a bunk bed with queen-sized mattresses for comfort and space to stretch out. Also, it's ideal if you're sharing it with your significant other. You will, however, need to bring your own bedding and pillows for sanitary reasons.

Outside your tent is a six-foot picnic table where you can have a nice family lunch or dinner and when it gets dark, you'll be able to cook some S'mores over a flame with a complimentary outdoor fire pit. A couple of Adirondack chairs greet you near the tent entrance and for those chilly nights, a battery-powered heater is available to take the crisp out of the air.

Before you finish your vacation stay, I advise you take an early morning or sunset walk over to the Sakonnet River where the view is breathtaking and the salty ocean water fills your nostrils.

For a more in-depth look at what this Airbnb has to offer, scroll through the photos below:

Tour This Tiverton Tent for Rent and Cross Camping off Your Summer Bucket List

Escape from reality and live off the grid for a night or two in this rugged Tiverton tent on top of a hill, peacefully surrounded by Christmas trees.

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