When a pair of bikes were stolen in Tiverton, 12-year-old Jacob Chouinard and 10-year-old Julia Chouinard were losing hope on ever seeing them again. Thanks to Tiverton law enforcement for going the extra mile, the case of the stolen bicycles was solved, and it turns out these bikes are more sentimental than your average two-wheeler.

Recently, a series of car break-ins took place on the street where the Chouinards live. Tiverton Police were searching the area in the early hours of the morning, and their mother, Liz Chouinard, believes the culprits stole her children’s’ bikes to get away.

“The police caught up with them and arrested both people,” Chouinard said. “My daughter’s bike was recovered early Tuesday morning, but they didn’t find my son’s bike. They didn’t know it was stolen.”

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This bike was extremely special to Jacob. It once belonged to his father when he was Jacob’s age, and they had spent countless hours together refurbishing the bike. When Mrs. Chouinard shared her story with the department, they vowed to continue their search for the missing bike.

Five days later, when a Tiverton police officer was driving down Main Road, he spotted the bike and immediately brought it to the station. Officer Nicholas Jamrog, the arresting officer from the break-ins, quickly called Mrs. Chouinard with the good news.

“He called me and told me he wanted to deliver it personally,” she said. “He knew how much the bike meant to my son.”

When Officer Jamrog arrived, Jacob was speechless.

“He was trying very, very hard to hold back tears,” Chouinard said.

The Chouinard family was blown away by the effort put forth by the police force and were extremely grateful to have their bikes back at home.

“I know they’re just bikes,” Chouinard said. "But Officer Jamrog said to me, ‘If it’s important to your child, it’s important to us.’”

Justice was served and the Chouinard children are free to enjoy their bikes thanks to the caring work of Officer Jamrog and his team.

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