An exciting spectacle was spotted flying over Tiverton, Rhode Island early this morning as a black hot air balloon caught the attention of residents down below. People quickly shared photos online, but who was the driver of this hot air balloon and where did it come from?

“Cool sight to see this morning, off Crandall!” wrote Mark Vicuna in a Tiverton Facebook Group. Vicuna captured the moment the hot air balloon floated past, just clearing the trees below.

Cody Braz chimed in, writing, “They used to land in my yard off Crandall when I was younger,” but this time around, it was Harry Menard’s front lawn for the balloon’s landing. He shared a picture as the balloon descended onto a patch of grass in his yard.

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When I asked Menard who the owner of the hot air balloon was, he wasn’t sure.

"They asked to land and we told them they could," he said.

Before they packed up and left, they handed Menard a jar of jam as a thank-you gift.

Courtesy of Harry Menard
Courtesy of Harry Menard

I have always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon, but who do I ask? The identity of this hot air balloon pilot remains a mystery. There are no logos on the balloon, no name given to Menard, and after calling Tiverton Town Hall, Animal Control, and Recreation Department, I came up short with any answers.

How do I find this mysterious flyer and how do I get on that hot air balloon? And what’s the deal with the gourmet jam?

Tiverton eyes were to the sky this morning to watch the unnamed hot air balloon drift past, but now I am left wondering, who is this mystery pilot?

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