I know, I know, it’s technically not the food menu at the Tiverton casino, but rather it's from the quick-serve burger joint inside the casino’s food court – but it’s still the most interesting thing being served up there. We’re talking about Mooyah Burger.

I love a good burger, truly. In fact, I will order a burger wherever I go even if the restaurant is known for anything other than burgers. You can’t sway me. I’ll try different versions of a burger, like a grilled-cheese burger, a Big Mac flatbread, and even a cheeseburger quesadilla, but the odds of me not getting a burger are slim.

However, this Mooyah Burger – or as its formally known, the Hamburdog – just has too much going on.

It’s an Angus beef patty topped with two Hebrew National hot dogs, cheddar cheese, bacon, fried onion strings, jalapenos, ketchup, and thank goodness they thought of our health and stacked it inside a non-GMO potato bun.

The grill cook really should be chanting “USA, USA!” as this masterpiece hits the tray. Such a missed opportunity if they aren't already.

This bad boy will absolutely blow dietary guidelines out of the water with its 3,370 mg of sodium (140 percent of your daily value). That’s equal to eating 7.5 Hebrew National hot dogs by themselves.

You've probably never heard of the Hamburdog because the only other Mooyah Burger near us is in Mansfield. I’ll go a step further and guess you’ve never heard of Mooyah because it's not the type of place you can drive by or drive through. You have to physically go to the casino, go to the food court, and then be focused enough to read the menu and thereby find the elusive Hamburgdog.

I guess you could be lazy and GrubHub the Hamburdog, but I don't think it was grilled with love so you could eat it cold.

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